For over twenty years BroadCorp has supplied production facilities to the BBC, ITV, Channel Four and Sky for current affairs in the UK and abroad. Our camera crews and journalists have interviewed major international politicians, Chief Executives of Global firms, celebrities and statesman around the world. We have covered landmark historical events ranging from numerous war zones and natural disasters to elections and sporting events.

Managing Director Bernard Glancy has worked in the Media industry for over 30 years and interviewed every Prime Minister since Callaghan and every US President since Carter. Some of his most notable work includes filming the Iranian Embassy siege in London, living with the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan for ITN, the Ethiopia Famines, Kosovo and covering US Presidential elections, the Royal Wedding and London 2012 Olympics.

Our client list demonstrates the variety of companies we have provided media services for. Currently Broadcorp is providing freelance camera services and productions for;

BBC Newsnight: News – Panorama – Money Programme – Crimewatch

Channel 4: Channel Four News – Dispatches – Sport

ITV: Special Documentaries – ITN News

Sky Sport News: International Sport


The Delta People – Won Gold Prize Ch 4


  • New York International Fil & TV Awards
  • USA International Film & Video festival
  • Film Council of Greater Columbia
  • The Iranian Embassy Siege (Bernard Glancy)
  • Royal Television Society
  • 1980