Conference & Events

In addition to conventional video streaming, BroadCorp provides a unique service used by Morgan Stanley, whereby, the clients conference is recorded by experienced broadcast news technicians and edited instantly by specialist Financial, Medical or Legal journalists. An accurate, video precis of the conference is produced at the end of each session, of approximately 15 minutes duration, for immediate transmission on the clients intranet. The edited video package will often contain interviews with prominent speakers and guests to enhance important issues.

Advantages of this unique service:-

  • Staff unable to attend the conference can view an edited video package and instantly be aware of important topics discussed at conference.
  • Staff are not distracted from their main duties by mundane audio / visual live streaming during their working day.
  • Members of staff located globally will be aware of important issues discussed that day,  within hours of close of conference.
  • Editorial highlights are ready for transmission each day, at the end of conference session.
  • The highlight video enables staff to be updated on most important messages delivered by guest speakers.
  • Professionally edited conference highlight package has more impact on staff than continuous streaming.
  • Staff can view highlights of conference in their own time on tablets and mobile phones.
  • Clients retain comprehensive edited programme for future reference.
  • All techical & Journalistic personnel employed have extensive experience working for BBC News, Sky News & ITN
  • All Journalists and producers will be experienced reporting the relavant conference topic.